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February 14, 2012
By: Scott Keyes

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Brian Pruitt

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A Village On Fire!


We have all heard, “It takes a village to raise a child.” If this is true, what do we do when the village is on fire? Over 500,000 fatherless youth live in the state of Michigan. 52% of women say fathers are no longer relevant in the raising of children. The village is on fire!

Our society is filled with family relationships that have burned to ashes. So what do we do? That depends on who is trapped in the burning buildings of our village. If adults were screaming from the windows of this burning village, most of us would at least call 911; however, most of us would not risk our lives for another adult. On the other hand, if we saw a child in danger, we would go a little further than just calling 911. Similarly to me, you would be willing to risk it all for a child.

I've got news for you; the village is on fire. Our children are screaming from the windows and scratching at the doors as the smoke pours in. They’re frantically asking how to get out. They’re hoping & waiting for their dads to risk it all, kick the door in, and rescue them.

Now that we know that our children are in trouble, we must implement the 3 R’s:

Respond: Recognize this is a serious problem. If we are going to save our kids, time is of the essence.

Rescue: Recognize that you are the only one that may be able to save these children. Organize programs, help find mentors, educate these children into a path of success. Statistics say that these children are more likely to go to prison, get pregnant, and live in poverty, and are less likely to graduate from high school or college. We need your help! Will you push your way through the smoke of our burning village?

Rebuild: Once you develop a process to help kids become successful, you must rebuild and teach it to others. The village can be restored. It takes only one person, YOU.


Brian Pruitt is a former All-American running back for Central Michigan University. Pruitt’s football career and dream of NFL glory was cut short when he discovered a neck condition that made him susceptible to paralysis. Pruitt is the CEO & founder of: Brian Pruitt Motivational & Power Of Dad Organization. For more information log onto