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March 19, 2012
By: Scott Keyes

Division 2 Wrestling

Sports Scene breaks down state individual finals



Jeff Chaney

Sports Scene

Division 2

Class 103

1. Isaac Jewel, Goodrich

2. Joe Garcia, Adrian

3. Mason Snoth, Clio

4. Collin Welcher, Hamilton

5, Jake Busing, Byron Center

My Take: Goodrich's Jewel was a runner-up at 103 in Division 3 last year. The Martians bump up a division and Jewel wins the title in Division 2.

Pick the winner: Jewel

Class 112

1. Zac Hall, St. Johns

2. Chase Lewis, Tecumseh

3. Dean Somers, Lapeer West

4. Andrew Gorman, Lamphere

5, Bailey Jack, Lowell

My Take: Hall has lost one match this year, and that was to the Division 1 state champion from Ohio. In my mind, he is the best 112-pounder in all divisions

Pick the winner: Hall

Class 119

1. Tim Lambert, Forest Hills Eastern

2. Tyler Daniel, Lakeshore

3. Logan Massa, St. Johns

4. Austin Kelley, Allegan

5. Tyler Gibson, Holly

My Take: Lambert is the best wrestler in the state without a state championship. That title lasts until the end of this year's finals. Lambert, who has over 200 wins and will wrestle at Nebraska nest year, wins this weight class easily.

Pick the winner: Lambert

Class 125

1. Jacob Schmitt, St. Johns

2. Nate Limmex, Lowell

3. Mason Cleaver, Holly

4. Joe Ferguson, Huron

5. Alex Melinn, Coopersville

My Take: Schmitt is the favorite in this weight class, but Limmex is one tough freshman. Schmitt already has a win over Limmex, and gets another one here.

Pick the winner: Schmitt

Class 130

1. Nikko Leal, Holland

2. Kyle Simaz, Allegan

3. Anthony Gonzales, Holly

4. Collin Tomkins, Byron Center

5. Adam Nichols, Lapeer West

My Take: Two former state champions in Leal and Gonzales and a runner-up in Simaz make up this weight class. Leal is just too tough, especially on his feet, so he comes out top in this deep field.

Pick the winner: Leal

Class 135

1. Brant Schafer, St. Johns

2. Cody Stenberg, Reeths-Puffer

3. Cody Vanderhagen, Hazel Park

4. Ronnie Bechtol, Tecumseh

5. Derek Fifelski, Wayland

My Take: Schafer was a runner-up last year, and a champion this year. He may have to get by some tough opponents, but he will.

Pick the winner: Schafer

Class 140

1. Ben Whitford, St. Johns

2. Gabe Morse, Lowell

3. Nick Trimble, Sparta

4. Travis Dragomer, Lakeshore

5. Devon Lehman, Greenville

My Take: What a weight class - three former state champions. Trimble and Morse won in Michigan last year, while Whitford won two in Illinois the past two years. The saddest thing about this scenario is that one of those talented three won't even make it to the finals.

Pick the winner: Whitford

Class 145

1. Taylor Simaz, Allegan

2. Josh Pennell, St. Johns

3. Angus Arthur, Lowell

4. Joe Preston, Northview

5. Jake Fuller, Byron Center

My Take: Simaz and Pennell are the two favorites, and that would shape up to be a great championship match. Simaz has been wrestling with a bum knee for a good part of the season. I still like him.

Pick the winner: Simaz

Class 152

1. Andrew Morse, Lowell

2. Travis Curley, St. Johns

3. Nick Starzec, Mason

4. Shawn Brewer, Huron

5. Jamie Jakes, Divine Child Catholic

My take: Morse, who was runner-up in Division 1 in 2010 and champion last year in Division 2, is too tough to pick against. He wins his second title.

Pick the winner: Morse

Class 160

1. Jordan Wohlfert, St. Johns

2. Andrew Kelley, Allegan

3. Luke Gilmore, Greenville

4. Jake Stehley, Lowell

5. Jordan Sullivan, Coopersville

My Take: Wohlfert is the class of this weight class. The tougher call is who he will be wrestling in the finals.

Pick the winner: Wohlfert

Class 171

1. Taylor Massa, St. Johns

2. Garett Stehley, Lowell

3. Chevez Ferris, Ferndale

4. Robert James, Kearsley

5. C.J. Melton, Lapeer West

My Take: OK, I'm going out on a limb here - Taylor Massa wins. He hasn't lost a high school match, I'll stick with that trend

Pick the winner: Massa

Class 189

1. Jordan Thomas, Greenville

2. Gabe Dean, Lowell

3. Nate Knauf, DeWitt

4. Andrew Hissom, Spring Lake

5. Jeff Fisher, Linden

My Take: I thought this was going to be the weight class with the best semifinal pairings of all weight classes. But Holly's Shawn Scott and St. Johns' Payne Hayden bumped up to 215, making it a two-horse race. Thomas has already beaten Dean once.

Pick the winner: Thomas

Class 215

1. Shawn Scott, Holly

2. Payne Hayden, St. Johns

3. Brian Moran, Fowlerville

4. Josh Colegrove, Lowell

5. Kyle Spear, Lakeshore

My Take: This is an interesting weight class with the late additions of Scott and Hayden. Scott has to be viewed as the favorite, but Hayden is strong, Moran was the runner-up in the weight class last year and Colegrove is a tough freshman. I still have to go with Scott

Pick the winner: Scott

Class 285

1. Adam Coon, Fowlerville

2. Kyle Carlson, Lakeshore

3. Adam Robinson, Mason

4. Adrian Foster, Thornapple Kellogg

5. Shawn Chamberlain, Dexter

My Take: This is a solid weight class, but Coon is one of the top heavyweights in the country. With that resume, it's hard to pick against the Fargo champion.

Pick the winner: Coon