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March 16, 2013
By: Scott Keyes

Division 4 Individual Wrestling Preview



Division 4

103 pounds

1. Julian Torres, Lawton

2. Arthur Payne, Montrose

3. Robby Hamdan, Hudson

Prediction: Torres, Payne, and Hamdan are so close, it would not shock me if any of them won. Saying that, I will take Hamdan.

112 pounds

1. Kenneth Dittenber, Carson City-Crystal

2. Kyle Barkovich, Lawton

3. Logan Griffin, Erie Mason

Prediction: I know Dittenber won a state title last year, but I'll take Griffin, who was a runner-up last year at this weight class.

119 pounds

1. Zack Yates, Hesperia

2. Issac Dusseau, Hudson

Prediction: Dusseau is tough, but Yates has been through a pretty tough schedule himself with only one loss. I like Yates to win, but it will be a tough weight class.

125 pounds

1. Carter Ballinger, Jonesville

2. Hunter Bell, Decatur

3. Zach Mack, Clio

Prediction: Only three losses amongst these three, one each. The title could go to any one of them, but I like Ballinger.

130 pounds

1. Cole Weaver, Hudson

Prediction: Along with Adam Coon and Ben Whitford, this is among my safest picks of the four divisions.

135 pounds

1. Zach Glasco, Byron

2. Chase Siersema, Hesperia

3. Ryan Hunt, Martin

4. J.D. Waters, Hudson

Prediction: Whereas 130 pounds in this division was easy, 135 is too tough to pick . Saying that, I'll pick Waters, because I know he has a heck of a workout partner in Weaver.

140 pounds

1. Jacob Perrin, New Lothrop

Prediction: He will have challengers, but I like this returning champion to win again.

145 pounds

1. Austin Hughes, Nouvel Catholic Central

2. Jesse Ring, Bangor

Prediction: This weight class has too many contenders to list. I guess I'll pick Hughes, but any number of wrestlers can win this weight class.

152 pounds

1. Jared Bruner, Addison

2. Kyle Johnson, Hudson

3. Aaron Bauman, New Lothrop

4. Spencer Reterstoff, Hart

Prediction: Another tight weight class to call, but I like Bruner, the returning state champion.

160 pounds

1. Taylor Krupp, New Lothrop

2. Jacob Cooper, Springport

3. Lee Siersema, Hesperia

4. Tommy Reed, Constantine

Prediction: Krupp or Cooper, Cooper or Krupp. I flipped and took Cooper. He was a runner-up last year, and I like him to win this year.

171 pounds

1. Galloway Thurston, St. Ignace

Prediction: Thurston won this weight class last year and should do it again.

189 pounds

1. Steven Malloy, Morley Stanwood

Prediction: Won this weight class in Division 3 last year and should do it in Division 4 this year.

215 pounds

1. Joe Ostman, St. Ignace

Prediction: OK, I'm starting to sound redundant, but he won this weight class a year ago and should do it again this year.

285 pounds

1. Ryan Prescott, Whitemore-Prescott

2. Zach Rieger, Hudson

Prediction: I think this is a two-horse race. Prescott should have won the title last year as a freshman, but a controversial call in the finals halted that. I think he wins it this year.