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November 05, 2016
By: John Raffel

Humm-ing that winning tune: Brothers playing key role for Alma football




Alma's Humm brothers are making plenty of noise for the Panther football team this season. They're two key reasons the Panthers have started off 4-1.

Anthony Humm leads the rushing attack with 690 yards. After five games, Drew Humm is 62-of-87 for 761 yards, eight touchdowns and four interceptions.

Anthony has been a starter on the varsity team for three seasons; last year, he was first team all-conference. He's at both running back and safety for the Panthers. He pointed to safety as being his best position.

“I feel I tackle well and I have good instinct and I'm able to go to where I'm supposed to be,” Anthony said.

As a sophomore, “it was a little bit of a learning year,” he said, adding that as a junior, “I was stronger and a lot more confident. I believe I've studied better and this summer I went to camps and really improved my technique.”

As a running back, Anthony indicated he had “good vision in making the cutback and I'm hard to bring down.”

He’s excited about his team's 4-1 start.

“We've been playing well, our defense is strong,” he said. “We lost to Freeland, who is ranked. We're hoping to win out, host a playoff game, and make a run at the playoffs. We've have a lot more commitment. Everyone is buying into the team.”

Drew is in his first varsity season. He learned in late spring that he would be joining the varsity for 2016.

“It's very exciting,” Anthony said. “It kind of feels like when we were little.”

“I was excited,” Drew added. “But I knew it was going to be tough and I would have to work hard to prove I should be able to be on varsity.”

But after five games, the younger Humm has more than proven he deserves to be on varsity.

Reading the defense, is among his strengths, Drew indicated, “and being able to have more than one option when I'm throwing the ball. I've done a lot of film study with the quarterback coach. We know what the coverages are doing and what routes will be open.”

Drew is particularly proud of his performance against Swan Valley. It was a 26-0 victory and he was 13-of-19 in passing for 143 yards and two touchdowns.

“We knew they were a really tough team and we were going to have to make sure we didn't make any mistakes,” Drew said. “We did pretty well against them.”

Drew hopes to improve his running game as the season progresses.

It's the first time the two brothers have played on the same team.

“He's probably the hardest working player on the field all the time,” Drew said of his brother.