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May 26, 2018
By: John Raffel

Mt. Pleasant's Hannah Carson is in a league all her own



Mount Pleasant’s Hannah Carson is considered to be a strong Miss Softball candidate this season, and for good reason.

The Oiler senior is in her fourth varsity season and has had some amazing highlights.

“Last year we won the conference, and we haven’t done that since 2010 in our softball history,” Carson said. “My batting average had gone up almost every year. I’m focused on my batting average and getting on base. I’ve become better at knowing the game better each year.  I’m excited with that.”

Her best batting average has been .560. The key behind a glittering batting average has been “on the mental part. You have to be confident.” Carson said. “It involved mechanics but it’s mostly about the mental part and your approach (at the plate).”

Carson is confident she can improve her average by 70 points this season.

“I think I need to go up to the plate and be aggressive, but also be patient,” she said. “High school pitching is a little bit slower than what I’m used to with travel. So when I go up to the plate, I need to be more patient and watch the ball all the way to the glove.”

Carson is confident with her catching abilities. She usually calls all the pitches.

“I’m good at calling the right pitches for the pitcher,” she said. “I’m good at finding the weaknesses of each batter. Usually when they get up to the plate, I look where there hands are, if they’re low or high and if they’re standing off the plate; if they’re excited, I’ll probably call an off-speed pitch. But if they’re nervous I’ll ask for a fastball inside. My arm strength is a strength.”

Carson has been playing softball since she was five.

“My dad helped sports when I was younger. I gravitated toward softball. I started catching when I was probably in third grade. It was my dad (Mike) and grandpa’s (Oren Carson) idea. They were both catchers in baseball.

“When I was in third grade, I started pitching and it was too hard to focus on pitching and catching at the same time.”                                                                                       

She also plays shortstop and third base.

Carson committed to the University of Michigan when she was a freshman.

“They started looking at me in seventh grade,” she said.