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September 13, 2018
By: John Raffel

Montabella volleyball team beats Vestaburg



Tuesday night Montabella played Vestaburg at home for the homecoming week game.

Montabella took the match in the first 3 sets

Player of the game nomination:
Lauren Jordan and Brooklynn Knopf both with a high number of successful blocks and hits

Overall EVERY player was so strong during this competition

Montabella stats:

Misha Colburn 95 percen serving,7 assists;

Lauren Jordan, 80 percdnt seving, one assist, nine hits

Jordan Rose, 6 assists, 5 playable, one hit

Makenna Jensenn, 80 percent serve perentage, four assists. 10 hits

Joie Kade, 71 percent serving, 5 assists. 1 playable. 3 hits

Riley Warchuck one hit

Paige Corser 100 percent serving; four assists;