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September 26, 2018
By: John Raffel

Ashley falls to Forest Area



Forest Area 50, Ashley 6
                                 Tackles;                       Sacks                   Pass Deflections                Fumble Recovery
Jimmy Fabus                7                                 1
Aaron Drummond         8                                                                                                                 1
Brennen Felton             7                                    
Tate Kostal                    6                                                                        3
                                 Passing           Rushing              Turnovers             TD             2PT Conversion        Receptions       Rec. Yards      Passing Yards
Keagan Welch             2/14              3 for 4 yards            1                                                                                                                                11
Korvin Bradley                                3 for 41 yards                                      1                                                    
Kline Brown                                     3 for 9 yards              1                                                                                1                        5
Jimmy Fabus                                   6 for 2 yards                                                
Tate Kostal                                                                         1                                                                                                          6
Brennen Felton                                3 for 8 yards                                                                1
Ashley coach Kevin Saylor:Another disappointing loss. Our pursuit and tackling and angles have plagued us all season and it didn't get much better this week. I feel like our D line was plugging their holes tonight, we just couldn't get our backers to fill where they needed to. I hate excuses but I will say that trying to turn kids into LBs that have never played it, has been a challenge. But we'll keep coaching em up and hopefully it will click in one of these next games and our troubles will be over? Always happy with the way our team plays to the end. Jimmy Fabus, who's only a sophomore, played like a man defensively tonight along with fellow sophomore Aaron Drummond. Tate Kostal, a Sr., was very solid on the back end, breaking up 3 passes and securing 6 tackles for us. Offensively, Korvin Bradley broke a big run and cashed it in for a TD 2 plays later. Turnovers and timely penalties got in the way of a few drives tonight, which we'll get on top of starting Monday.