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October 13, 2018
By: John Raffel

Ithaca volleyball team remains confident



Karla McDonald is coaching an Ithaca volleyball team eager to have a strong second half of the season.

As of late September, the team was 6-8-2.

“We’re inconsistent with our play,” McDonald said. “At times they’re playing well. At other times, I’m not sure what’s going on. The girls are working hard at trying to get that figured out, too.”

There are been some enjoyable highlights.

“The girls that have been there for awhile are stepping up,” McDonald said. “They’re taking control trying to get it together. The girls are jelling well. We don’t have any conflicts this year. Their motto is family and they’re working hard on that.”

Key players include MacKelle Thompson, a junior setter in her third year on the team. It’s her second year of being captain.

“She is the biggest part of our volleyball team,” McDonald said. “She was a captain as a sophomore. That’s how dedicated she is. Everybody follows her. She’s putting up a lot of positive stats and is becoming a force, not only as a setter, but with her attacks as well. She’s our best server. She’s the best all-around player we have.”

Another junior in her third varsity year is Emma Belles as a middle hitter.

“She (Emma) gets stronger every year,” McDonald said. “She’s stepping up and doing her job. She’s the biggest blocker we have. She’s one we like to go to for our offense. We want to make sure she gets the ball to get the job done.”

Kailyn Fairchild is a senior captain for Ithaca, and an outside hitter. She’s a returning starter and plays all the way around.

A newcomer, sophomore Mady Snyder, is a sophomore starter who can play outside or rightside hitter.

“She’s making a lot of good plays,” McDonald said.