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October 13, 2018
By: John Raffel

LC quarterback enjoys impressive early season



Lansing Catholic quarterback senior Josh Kramer didn’t start last season, but is taking advantage of his opportunity as a full-timer starter this year.

He ended up with 149 yards rushing and two scores in an early-season win over defending state champion Grand Rapids West Catholic. He was 15-of-18 for 117 yards in passing. He had seven tackles. He has scored seven TDs this year (4 rushing, 2 passing and a 76-yard pass interception TD).

Last season, he had a three-touchdown performance in a playoff win over Olivet.

“He’s done a really good job,” Lansing Catholic coach Jim Ahern said. “He’s one of those kids who can make a bad play turn into a good play. A lot of times, he’ll make something out of nothing happen.”

Kramer has shown the ability to roll out and be a drop back quarterback.

“I think he’s a bigger threat when he rolls out because he’s also a very good runner,” Ahern said. “He puts a lot of defenses on pressure. He’s a confident dropback passer.”
The Cougars, with a tough schedule, lost to Portland 16-8 on Sept. 21 to fall to 4-1, but those two state-ranked teams could meet up again in the playoffs.

Ahern has been impressed with Kramer’s performances so far.

Of the four wins, “he’s sort of been our leader in all of them,” Ahern said. “He’s usually passing or running for TDs. He’s had a hand in most of our touchdowns this year. He’s close to 70 percent completion which is what we’re looking for.

“He reads things very well. Most of our routes he has to read the defense and hit the open receiver. He’s very good on that. He worked a lot on that last year. It shows this year. He’s hitting the open receiver most of the time. He’s one of our best runners also. We do a lot of option stuff where he runs the ball.”

Kramer has started on the basketball team since he was a sophomore and ran some track last spring.

“He’s a really good athlete,” Ahern said. “He plays a lot of sports. If he plays at the collegiate level, It would probably be as a receiver or defensive back. He’s a tremendous receiver.”