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October 14, 2018
By: John Raffel

Lansing Catholic football team beats Sexton




Sexton joined the league for the first time this year. It was the first time that any Lansing
Catholic school played Sexton sine 1965. Sexton beat O’Rafferty 37-14. No other teams have
played Sexton since 1950. So everything was new. They have a great runners (Markell Ellison),
who has a Barry Sanders body; short with powerful legs and Jackson Barnes at QB.

With a win, Lansing Catholic would be eligible for the playoffs for the 10 th year in a row.
In addition, Lansing Catholic has been burdened with injuries-running backs Mike Whitney and
Mitch Gruber, DL Misha Kleiman and Mikey McKerr. But some kids have stepped up and done
well; Sam Edwards and Charlie Nylander (running backs) and Freshman Bo Poljan as LB.
Sexton relied on a running game, and it showed in the play selection. They attempted only three
passes in the first 16 plays. They gained 82 yards rushing and 4 yards passing in the first quarter.
But their kicking game was a disaster. After stopping Sexton’s first series, they managed only a
two yard punt. Lansing Catholic threw four passes in the first series out of eight plays and scored
on a great 16 yard pass by Josh Kramer to Sam Edwards. Then the first quarter ended.

Two series later, with 5:01 left Catholic got the ball at midfield, thanks to a great 4 th and three
yard defensive stand. Kramer threw a 20 yard pass to Zack Gillespie and a 14 yard pass to Sam
Edwards to set up a scrambling 14 yard run by Kramer that made the score 14-0.

Sexton finally got a break and Barnes found Carteyae Gordon crossing over the middle for a 40-
yard TD pass. Two plays later, Kramer was sacked from behind and fumbled at mid field. But
the defense got two QB sacks and the half ended.
In the third quarter, Sexton was first and goal at the nine yard line. The defense was strong, and
Sexton only gained five yards and had a dropped pass. The Cougars managed to get out to mid
field and they punted inside the 20 yard line. Sexton got a first down before they had to punt
(thanks to a QB sack by Colin Day). A bad snap gave the Cougars the ball on the eleven yard

Two runs by Charlie Nylander gave the Cougars their third score.
Sexton’s last good attempt to get back into the game started at the 35 with six minutes left in the
quarter. Barnes completed a 12-yard pass; Ellison had a 30 yard run (he had 130 yards rushing
for the game) and a face mask penalty by Catholic put the ball on the 20 yard line. But with
another potential TD pass dropped and at great stand at the five yard line stopped the Big Reds.
Kramer and Zach Stone knocked away two passes to end the drive.
Three exchanges of the ball and the game was over. Sexton dominated the clock and the numbers
of plays (30 minutes to 18; 52 plays to 37), but poor special team execution and two dropped
passes helped Lansing Catholic win.

OFFENSE. Josh Kramer was 13-14 for the game (115 yards 1 TD) and Charlie Nylander was the leading
rusher with 41 yards. Zach Gillespie had 5 catches for 46 yards.
DEFENSE-.Sam Edwards had 11 tackles and QB sack; Kabbash Richards had 10 tackles and two very
timely tackles for a loss. Griffin Hotchkiss had 9 tackles (three for a loss). Freshman Bo Poljan had 8
tackles. DEFENSE STOPED Sexton twice inside the ten yard line and had four QB sacks.
SPECIAL TEAMS- Gillespie punted three times and two of them were inside the 20.