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December 08, 2018
By: John Raffel

Sexton junior having strong scoring season



Donald Kamden-Tegue is coaching a Lansing Sexton squad that boasts a quality player in Mahfuz Edris, who, in his team’s first five games, had 10 goals and one assist.

Edris sustained an eye injury shortly after the first five games, and the Sexton junior was expected to be out for about a month.

Edris started playing for Sexton last season. He’s a striker.

“The key behind his scoring has been his teammates,” Kamden-Tegue said. “I asked him what the key is. He said ‘my teammates love me. They know how I play. They know how to work with me.”

Edris has shown to his team marked improvement from a year ago.

“He has improved in opening up more and in his speed, and also in ball control and finding the back of the net,” Kamden-Tegue said. “In his first five games, there was only one when he only had one goal. He’s either had the hat trick or two goals.”

Sexton was 6-1-1 in it first eight games.

John Miller has also had strong season for Sexon as a defender.

“He takes control of the whole defense,” Edris said.

Kamden-Teague indicated Edris would be wrestling this winter.