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December 15, 2018
By: John Raffel

Portland eyes strong bowling season


Portland coach Joe Whitford:

Record = 8-2.
Regionals Champs.
CAAC Blue Division League Champs.
In conference we had 5 Portland Girls out of 10 selected became All-Conference While Emma Armour & Sammi Krausz became Honorary Captains for the league. Ali Schrauben was honorable Mention.
Sophomore Aubree Martin finished in 4th place in the CAAC league championship out of 70 girls!
Senior Ashley Zinn qualified in 6th place at regionals and finished in 24th at states.
Junior Jordyn Fyan qualified in 8th place at regionals and 34th at states.  

2.) Name some key athletes that have graduated from last season's team and your remembrances on their contributions to the program.
Ashley Zinn had the 3rd highest average on the team last season, she was a great spare shooter. She was always trying to figure out how to fix things because she wanted to be the best that she could.
Ali Schrauben always made the team laugh and come through when when needed her.

3.) Please mention several  athletes who will be key, year in school, position. Your expectations from each of these athletes this season. (Feel free to attach a roster if one is available).

Emma Armour: 12th (Captain). Varsity. She has made great progress from last year mentally and physically. I expect Emma to lead this team to another conference title and win regionals. She is a great leader, bowler and will make it to States.

Kaylee Becker: 12th (Captain). Varsity. Definitely she is a leader and will lead her team to another conference title and win regionals. She is one of our top motivated bowler. Always willing to help others. I expect her to go to States.

Jordyn Fyan: 12th Varsity. I expect her to continue with her practice on her spares and make it to States like she did last year.

Sammi Krausz: 12th. Varsity. I expect her to continue on being consistent with her game. Missed going to states last year by one pin. Not this year I believe she will make it.

Aubree Martin: 11th. My expectations is for her to continue with her game as she is one of our top bowlers that practices more than just about anyone. I expect her to make it to States.

Jessie Whitford: 9th Varsity. As a newcomer I expect her to learn from the upperclassmen, relax & have fun. With bowling talent in her blood and as competitive she is, she will be a contender for States.

Olivia Gallt: 11th. Varsity/JV.
Hannah Schafer: 12th. JV (Captain).
Brooke Adams: 12th. JV.
Hannah Martin: 11th. JV.
Brooke Sandborn: 10th. JV.
Emma Cannon: 10th. JV.
Kaelyn Bayless: 9th. JV.

4.) What expectations do you have of your team this season?

Go undefeated in league.
Win CAAC title again.
Win regionals again.
Send 3 to 6 individual bowlers to States and Definitely make it to States as a team.
And as always = have fun!

5.) What will be your team's strength?

This is a team with a great attitude.
We are a great spare shooting team which is a huge plus. We have great talent this year that is capable of shooting 200 games.

6.) What are some things this team needs to work on?
Relaxation and Of course better spare conversion. Strikes will come, but for now let’s get our spares!

7.) Your conference: How strong is it and who would you consider the league favorites? Where do you see your team fitting into the league race?

I believe we will have our hands full as there is a couple of teams that will make us be on top of our game, but I see Portland as the favorite and winning the Blue CAAC division title.

8.) Any other comments?

I have been volunteering and coaching for several years, but this will be my 6th year as the head girls bowling coach for Portland, in that time we haven’t had a losing season! By far I believe this is going to be our best season and best team that came out of Portland High School!

Coach Joe: Portland Girls coach since 2013.
Coached Cornerstone University for 2 seasons.