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December 22, 2018
By: John Raffel

New Lothop bowlers expect to be strong




SCHOOL: New Lothrop

YOUR NAME: Caryl Walling

POSITION: Head Coach of the New Lothrop Bowling Program


Email address:

SPORT: Bowling                                                                                                                  


  1. Briefly recall highlights of the 2017-18 season; records, top moments etc.


The 2017-2018 New Lothrop bowling season was one of unexpected success for both the boys and the girls team. The boys played hard all season, ending up third in the G.A.C. conference. We traveled the state, playing a grueling tournament tour often facing tough higher division schools. We made it past qualifying in eight out of the ten extra tournaments we played, often squeaking into match play in the 7th position. During the final rounds of these tournaments, the boys seemed to exude confidence and gain a sense of camaraderie that propelled them into many second and first place finishes. The boys excelled at their regional tournament, ending second behind a hard USA team. Their dream season ended at the state tournament when they fell to St. Charles in the semi-finals.


The girls had a season that was topped with extreme ups and downs. There were times where we could not field an entire team due to a truck in the ditch to a time where they beat the unbeaten Bendle girls team. At regionals the girls just missed going to state as a team by 40 pins. But, had two girls qualify for states as individuals.


  1. Name some key athletes that have graduated from last season's team and your remembrances on their contributions to the program.


The boys team lost senior Dylan Vincke, who was a four year starter for the varsity team. Dylan was always our most consistent bowler, and could always be counted on to support the team.


The girls team lost senior Rebekah Stankiewicz. Rebekah could always be counted on to be the comedian and stress reliever of the team.


  1. Please mention several  athletes who will be key, year in school, position. Your expectations from each of these athletes this season. (Feel free to attach a roster if one is available).


  • Tate Steinborn (Senior, Captain, and Anchor) is expected to be a standout bowler this year. Fresh off of a Junior Gold Championships qualifying in Dallas, Texas, this two-hander has the skill and mindset to roll an over 200 average and help captain his team at the same time. He will make an appearance at the state finals this year.
  • Braden Sovis (Senior, Co-captain, Lead-off) is expected to excel this season. This four year varsity bowler has hidden depths and skill which allow him to roll a 240 game at the drop of a hat. This program expects him to make an appearance at the state finals this year.
  • Kaine Moriarity (Junior & Co-Captain) is a strong bowler who made waves at the 2018 Collegiate Showcase. Kaine has a strong competitive spirit that pushes him to never give up and has been averaging 230 in practice. This young man has shown a strength of character and perseverance that makes him a student athlete that is wonderful to work with.


  • Samantha Bitterman is a three year captain of the girls team. She has been to the state tournament for the past three years and is looking to make it four this year with a trip to Battle Creek with her strong team and as an individual.
  • Kate Muron is a relative newbie when it comes to bowling. But this two-handed girl is no joke, making the state tournament her first year of bowling and is expected to go again.
  • Anna Miller, a three year starter is a strong bowler, missing going to states in 2017 by one pin! We are looking forward to seeing this young lady shine in her senior year and expect to see her deep in the tournament.
  • Elissa Henige is a three year starter and co-captain. This senior is a backup bowler with a mean swing shot that we have been working on. She is one to watch as we move into the season.


4.) What expectations do you have of your team this season?

I expect the boys team to gain in depth throughout the season as new bowlers and last year JV bowlers gain experience at the varsity level. These boys will make the state tournament and excel in match play.


The girls team is strong this year with four returners and two talented new bowlers. This coach believes that this a dark horse team that many will underestimate. These girls narrowly missed a trip to the state tournament last year, and they are determined to not let that happen again.


5.) What will be your team's strength?

Boys: The strength and backbone of my boys team is the competitiveness, mental acuity, and passion for game that the three veterans have. They are pushing the youngsters harder than ever to perfect every aspect of their game.


Girls: The strength of this team is girls attitude. These girls understand and handle pressure like professionals which will help them in tournaments.


6.) What are some things this team needs to work on?


Boys: The boys need to work on concentration on their own game. Many times, our younger boys will be distracted by what other teams are doing and not focusing on our own team.


Girls: The girls need to work on their confidence.


7.) Your conference: How strong is it and who would you consider the league favorites? Where do you see your team fitting into the league race?


We are in a new conference this year, the MMAC. I am not sure about some of the newer schools, or who will be league favorites.


8.) Any other comments?


Here are my rosters:


Boys Roster:

Tate Steinborn

Braden Sovis

Kaine Moriarity

Matt Diechman

Charlie Gross

Graham Malone

Brennan Lienau

Girls Roster:

Samantha Bitterman

Elissa Henige

Anna Miller

Kate Muron

Sara Long

Malary Thorsby