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February 03, 2019
By: John Raffel

Farwell senior center extremely positive as she combats disease


Harley Crawford is a senior center for Farwell who has been fighting at winning a battle off the court.

Crawford has been cancer free after suffering from a rare form of Lymphoma. 

Depending on whether or not Crawford would be going through a surgical procedure on a blood clot on her arm, she was expected to be able to return to the lineup sometime during the season.

“In June, I went into the doctors thinking it was something minor,” Crawford recalled. “I was told I had blood clot and (a mass) the size of a football in my chest.”

She underwent treatment including chemo.

“As of Nov. 6, I got the news I was cancer free,” Crawford said.                                                    

She has played for the Eagles in the past.

“If things go a certain way, she should play for us,” coach Gordy Risbridger said. “This will be her second year on the varsity.”

Crawford started her treatment during the summer. She’s been at every practice and game except for when she’s had to be at the hospital.

“Rebounding, blocks and defense,” have been strengths for Crawford in the past, Risbridger said.

Farwell opened the season with a win over Chippewa Hills with Crawford cheering he team on in full force.

“I’m surprised I could talk because I was cheering so loud,” Crawford smiled.