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April 10, 2019
By: John Raffel

Reese takes wins over Valley Lutheran



Reese take both the wins tonight against Valley Lutheran in softball action on April 5.
Abigal Huizar had a shutout with 4 strikes and zero walks with final score of 11-0 in  five innings.
Madi Osantowski had a double with 2 RBI. Delaney Peyok had two hits with a double and a RBI. Abigal Huziar had two hits and a RBI. Madison Thompson and Lauren Scramblin each had a RBI single. Savannah Comstock had three hits including a double and two RBI and Josie Johnson had a RBI.
Madi Osantowski was the winning pitcher for the second game with six strikes and zero walks with final score of 14-4 in six innnings.
Leading hitters were Lauren Scramblin with a RBI home run, Madison Thompson with two hits including a triple and 2 RBI, Delaney Peyok and Josie Johnson each with a RBI single, Katie Ratajczak with a double, Abigal Huizar and Jordan Roberts each with a RBI, Morgan Acker with two RBI singles and Danielle Prueter with three hits and a RBI.