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October 16, 2019
By: John Raffel

Ashley football team beats Sacred Heart



Ashley defeated Mount Pleasant Sacred Heart on Saturday, 30-6 

For Ashley:
Korvin Bradley 1/1 for 37 yards
Jimmy Fabus 1/5 for 5 yards
Jimmy Fabus 1 catch for 37 yards
Cole Keller 1 catch for 5 yards
Korvin Bradley 25 carries 180 yards 2 TD 2 FUM 2- 2 point con.
Jimmy Fabus 17 carries 82 yards
Brennen Felton 5 carries 33 yards
Aaron Drummond 17 solos 6 assists 1 sack
Jimmy Fabus 7 solos 5 assists 3 sacks 1FF
Korvin Bradley 5 solos 2 assists 3 INT 1TD
Timmy Nierescher 4 solos 3 assists 1 sack 1 fumble recovered.
Ashley coach Kevin Saylor: It was miserably wet so we had to win ugly and ugly it was. We got a huge game offensively and defensively out of Korvin Bradley with 180 yards rushing, and 3 picks with returning 1 for a 37 yard TD. Jimmy Fabus was going early and got us down the field on our first 2 scores with 119 all purpose yards. We opened up to a 22-0 lead early and that would prove big because after halftime we just couldn't hold on to the ball. We ended up with 5 fumbles on various plays (1 snap, 1 on a punt and the other 3 on exchanges) and at 1 point couldn't get off their 10-15 yard line. Defense played amazing with only 1 lapsed coverage resulting in their only TD. 
Very proud of my team, we started the game with 10 players and finished out with 8. My guys have the biggest hearts and play them out every night."