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November 01, 2019
By: John Raffel

Ashley defeats Litchfield



Ashley 45 Litchfield 36


Korvin Bradley 4/7 56 yards 2 TD 1- 2pt. Con.
Jimmy Fabus 2/5 36 yards
Jimmy Fabus 20 carries for 140 yards
Korvin Bradley 17 carries for 90 yards 3 TD 3- 2pt con.
Brennen Felton 3 carries 6 yards 1 TD
Cole Keller 2 catch for 39 yards 1 TD
Korvin Bradley 1 catch for 25 yards
Jimmy Fabus 1 catch for 9 yards 1 TD 1- 2pt con.
Aaron Drummond 19 solos 5 assists
Jimmy Fabus 8 solos 3 assists 3 sacks
Korvin Bradley 5 solos 3 assists 1F.F 1F.R
Brennen Felton 4 solos 7 assists
Special teams:
Korvin Bradley 1 onside kick and recovery
Jimmy Fabus 1 onside kick and recovery and 1 P.A.T. made.
coach Kevin Saylor: There was an altercation in this game that put a black eye on what was a wonderful game. 2 players from each team were kicked out of the game for fighting early in the 4th. 
We had a 24-20 lead at the time. Litchfield was able to regain the lead and go up by 2 TD 36-24. My team never gave up and fought through all the adversity and to have finished with 1 sub yet again this season. We pulled within 5 when Korvin Bradley hit Jimmy Fabus on a 9 yard TD pass followed by an P.A.T. made by Jimmy Fabus. On the kickoff, Korvin Bradley placed a perfect onside and recovered it himself. We drove down the field and took a 3 point lead as Korvin Bradley took it in from 2 yards and converted the 2 point try. On the ensuing kickoff, Jimmy Fabus kicked it to a place allowing him to make a play and recover that kick. Then to put the game out of reach, Korvin Bradley wouldn't go down on his last game of his senior year and dove past 2 defenders for a 23 yard TD scamper. The defense held them on their last possession and we were able to take the victory formation to run the last 2 minutes out.
I've never been prouder of the group of young men that fought to pull this game out. They are a very resilient bunch of kids!