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January 10, 2020
By: John Raffel

Hemlock tops Michigan Lutheran Seminary



Michigan Lutheran Seminary coach Seth LaBair:

Hemlock knocked off MLS by the score of 53-49. The Huskies took a 21-10 lead after the first quarter but MLS tied the game at 28 to end the first half. The Cardinals led 41-40 after three and then led 49-42 in the fourth quarter. Hemlock kept their composure and found a way to regain the lead. They also caused some turnovers and mad four free throws do the stretch.  It was an exciting game to be part of. Both teams took the lead at different times and there was a lot of energy. The two teams combined for 16 three point baskets. Nolan Finbeiner led Hemlock with 12 while Jayden Evans had 10 and two others netted eight. MLS was led by Max Nordlie who had a game high of 15 and six rebounds, Nathan Seafert finished with 13 points and eight rebounds.