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January 29, 2020
By: John Raffel

Portland bowlers top East Lansing


Portland’s girls we victorious winning 28 to 2 over East Lansing in bowling action

Notable scores for Portland Olivia Gallt 203 176 Jessie Whitford 177 Aubree Martin 168 
Notable scores for East Lansing 
 Taylor Ooter 167 140 Kristen swisher 154 
Portland girls continue to be undefeated In the CAAC
We still have things to work on But this team will continue to do great things-- coach Whitford 
Portland’s boys beat East Lansing 27 to 3 
Notable scores for Portland Luke Dalman 192 176 Cooper Hoskins 175 169  
Notable scores for East Lansing Sean Donowitz 168 Zach Alexander 165
Portland’s boys had a great day today making stairs and keeping themselves in the game -- Coach Armour 
Portland’s next action is at Ionia bowling center on Thursday