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February 05, 2020
By: John Raffel

Bullock Creek girls beat Breckenridge



Bullock Creek 14 15 16 12 for 57
Breckenridge 5 4 9 7 for 25
Bullock Creek wins on Tuesday 57-25
This was a non-conference game. Creek 
is now 6-7 overall (still 4-7 TVC). 
Next game is Friday at Millington 
Creek leaders 
Senior Mayson Barringer career high 21 points
to go with 8 rebounds 
Vivian Freeland 10 points 
Mattie Midkiff 7 points 8 rebounds 
Gloria Kozak 6 points 4 assists 
Janelle Coin 6 points 
“This was the first game of the season we were able 
to sustain quality enough play to pull away by a big 
margin. We moved the ball well and were able to 
knock down some shots. . . Knocking down shots 
always makes everything else look better.”
- Coach Freeland 
Bullock Creek