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February 09, 2020
By: John Raffel

Millington girls top Bullock Creek



Millington 36, Bullock Creek 17

Girls basketball

Millington 6 10 9 11 for 36

Creek 0 9 4 4 for 17 


Millington 36 Bullock Creek 17 


Creek 6-8, (TVC 4-8)


Bullock Creek led by Vivian Freeland with 10 points 


Creek next game at Nouvel Tuesday 


Coach Freeland: “Credit to Millington for playing well. It was 

a game that I guess Millington was 

fortunate to adjust to the officiating 

and get to the line 22 (13-22) times compared to

our 4 (4-4 for us). We lost 2 more players 

to injury during the game to go along with 

our 2 starters already out for the season,

so we’ll have to regroup with what we have 

available and come ready to play hard next week.”