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February 24, 2020
By: John Raffel

Dow overwhelms BCW boys



BCW vs Dow @ Dow @7pm

Dow - 66
BCW - 41

Demario Walker: Our boys worked really hard to get to the point we are at right now. However, I’m encouraging them that we are not done yet and we need more. I’m telling them not to settle and we have to compete harder. The last few games I had to put fires under their butt and had some tough conversations with them about their overall performance as a team and individually. At the end of the day the boys know it’s tough love which every athlete needs here and there. The first half we played good defense but something was funky because we missed 6 free throws and we are usually a good free throw shooting team and our energy and intensity was lacking big time. We could not find ourselves which is every coaches nightmare. Not to mention one of our starters was out with an injury. We were down 15-12 at the firstquartee and 27-21 at half time. We couldn’t get our offense going in the 2nd quarter and only scored 9 points which hurt us, including the 6 free throws we missed. Then we couldn’t find any momentum in the 3rd offensively and went for another 9 points in the 3rd. However we went 10-13 for free throws in the second half which was a great improvement from the first half. One of the most frustrating games for us by far because we know that we are a better TEAM than the way we played. It’s another game we wish we could have back but we will learn from it and move on one day at a time like we always do. We have to find a way to get our offense going. Monday will be one of our toughest practice because we have some things to deal with and straighten up."
Jack Fryzel- 13
Aaron Norfleet - 11
Luke Gillis - 9