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July 18, 2020
By: John Raffel

Hemlock coach not excited with new football format



It’s a new football playoff system this year and coach Adam Clark of Hemlock is ready to get his team in gear to bid for a post-season spot.

"On the surface I’m not excited about the new playoff format" Clark said "We are now a D7.  Our schedule would be considered very challenging.  Personally, I see the changes becoming an unintended consequence of further parochial school enhancement.  I’m against anything that creates any more of that."

Under the old system, playoff divisions were set on Selection Sunday, after the 256-team field has been determined. Now equal divisions are set prior to the season. 543 schools played 11-player football in 2018; each Division would have had 67- 68 teams.

Under the old system, automatic qualifiers were set with 6 wins, or 5 wins with an 8-game schedule. Now there are no automatic qualifiers.

Under the old system, a team had to have, to be considered for the playoffs 5 wins or 4 wins with an 8-game schedule.

All teams now are considered under the new system. The top 32 teams are determined by playoff points.

Under the old system, additional qualifiers were determined… By playoff points, adding a Class A team, then Class B, then Class C, etc. There’s no additional qualifiers under the new system.

Under the old system, points for a win were points for a win Class A = 80 points; Class B = 64 points; Class C = 48 points; Class D = 32 points. Under the new system, it’s Div 1 = 60 points Div 2 = 55 points Div 3 = 50 points Div 4 = 45 points Div 5 = 40 points Div 6 = 35 points Div 7 = 30 points Div 8 = 25 points.

Under the old system, bonus points for opponents wins and losses Team A gets more points (8) for each win by an opponent. Team A defeats, and less points (1) for each win by an opponent Team A was defeated by.

Under the new system, Team A gets points for each of its opponents wins, regardless of whether or not Team A defeated the opponent.

Bonus Point Multiplier was 8 or 1 under the old system. Under the new system, the multiplier changes depending on the size of each opponent: Div 1 = 6 points Div 2 = 6 points Div 3 = 5 points Div 4 = 5 points Div 5 = 4 points Div 6 = 4 points Div 7 = 3 points Div 8 = 3 points.