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September 12, 2019
By: John Raffel

Dow tennis team 1-2 at Midwest Classic




The Dow High chargers went 1-2 on the day at the midweek classic bringing their season total to 8-3 on the season.  Dow next plays SVL opponent Mt. Pleasant at home Thursday.  

Dow beat Flushing 5-3.

"Today went mostly as expected,” coach Terry Scwartzkopf said. “We altered our line up a few days ago and this was their first experience in competition.  Because of that, nerves were indeed a factor and cost us a win or two. However, these teams also seemed to be significantly stronger than our previous line up and challenged the competition at various flights today. This is a stronger foundation to build on and we have just over a month to do just that. It's been a rough year for this team... but how great when 8-3 is the measuring stick of a "rough" year.

“Today, I saw guts and a competitive nature that has been missing this season.  THAT is exciting. I am hoping we turned a corner today. Both teams we lost to should end up top five at states...those matches are what we are building towards.  As for our top 3 singles...another amazing day."